Custom software for steel and alloy wheel manufacturers

Wheel configurator

The choice of an alloy wheel for a particular car model is a real challenge. Thousands of car models in many different versions and still new ones appear. We build this kind of solutions.

Integration through EDI

The configurator itself is only a half of the success. In order for it to be fully functional, you have to provide the tyre dealership chains and B2C portals with a tool for easy presentation of your offer, not only on your Website. Exactly a tool which is available on the Alcar Website.

If you would like to build a similar solution based on EDI, we are willing to help you with this.

B2B/B2C platform

We build systems which enable your customers to:

  • Check the wheel availability
  • Search for special offers
  • Place orders (according to the individually-agreed discount terms)
  • Check the status of orders and deliveries
  • View the list of payments/arrears

B2C shop

We build advanced e-commerce solutions which enable your customers to:

  • Fit wheels for their cars
  • Arrange the installation of wheels in a shop which cooperates with you

Another idea?
If you have an interesting idea, we are willing to help you implement it. We just love such challenges.