Custom software for large tyre and wheel distributors

B2B platforms

We build systems that are integrated with ERP, which enable your customers to:

  • Check the tyre availability
  • Configure alloy wheels
  • Search for special offers
  • Place orders (according to the individually-agreed discount terms)
  • Check the status of orders and deliveries
  • View the list of payments/arrears
  • Monitor complaint processing

Virtual inventory - connection to the systems of manufacturers/other suppliers

Often, your customers do not care where the tyres are located physically. The only thing that matters is that they should be delivered on time. We can connect your system to servers of manufacturers and other leading suppliers and offer their products as if they were yours. In a manner that is completely transparent to the customer.

B2C shops

We build advanced e-commerce solutions which enable your customers to:

  • Fit tyres/wheels for their cars
  • Buy tyres directly from you or from the cooperating repair shop or - through you and the EDIWheel protocol - from the manufacturer
  • Arrange the installation of tyres in a shop which cooperates with you

Another idea?
If you have an interesting idea, we are willing to help you implement it. We just love such challenges.