Custom software for tyre dealership chains

B2B Platforms

B2B Platform - Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin, Pirelli

We create systems connected to servers of the largest tyre manufacturers through the EDIWheel protocol. Thus, in one place, with one click, you can:

  • Check the availability in an inventory and a planned delivery time for all manufacturers
  • Place an order
  • Check the order status

See description of our sample B2B purchasing platform.

Management of vehicle fleets

Fleet customer, Headquarters of the repair shop chain, Tyre dealer

Key functions of a typical fleet management system:

  • Management of tyre purchase orders, including tyre quotation
    in accordance with the discount policy
  • Tyre exchange/service order processing
  • Authorization of orders (according to specific rules)
  • Comprehensive record keeping of tyres in storage
  • Support for tyre relocation
  • Vehicle history and tyre wear tracking
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Exporting data to the accounting systems of fleet customers
  • Mobile application for repair shops that facilitates order processing

Shops, tyre assembly services

We build advanced e-commerce solutions which enable your customers to:

  • Fit tyres/wheels for their cars
  • Buy tyres directly from you or from the cooperating repair shop
    or - through you and the EDIWheel protocol - from the manufacturer
  • Arrange the installation of tyres in one of your shops

Another idea?
If you have an interesting idea, we are willing to help you implement it. We just love such challenges.